A multi-disciplinary cross-country cooperative of artists and administrators whose varied approaches and visions are bound together in the spirit of collaboration and a total observance of existential DIY
………group think, group do.

Based in Toronto, Los Angelos, Montreal, New York

General inquires hereticalobjects@gmail.com


BRI SALMENA   /    bri.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /  http://frigsmusic.com

TREVOR BLUMAS   /   trevor.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   doomsquadmusic.com / PORCH

AMELIA GOODLET   /   amelia.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   ParksAtNight

MUTT KAW   /   mutt.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   Mutt

JACLYN BLUMAS   /   jacalynie@gmail.com/   doomsquadmusic.com

WOLFGANG GHOSTPROM HADDOCK   /   jesse.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   PORCH

JENNY WARNE   /   jenny.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   Mutual Friend

JESSE WICK   /   jessewick.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   WickedWitches

ALLIE BLUMAS   /   allie.hereticalobjects@gmail.com   /   doomsquadmusic.com / Open Fortress 

TEDDE RAE ALBERTSON / tedde.albertson@gmail.com / Inner Being

ELISE MOOKIE WARD / elisee.ward@gmail.com  / 


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