Fuck You Fear

Solo Exhibition of works by Jaclyn Blumas in London’s Art Project Gallery.

Its about art that you believe in.

Art is struggle.

Art is social networking.

Art is about being present to your thoughts, your reactions, your desires to make something that speaks.   Through custom t-shirts, blogs, cyber profiles, etc., people help construct a sphere that spins with a fury of  power, relevancy and importance that forges new grounds in today’s modern culture. Its iCommunity at its finest.  But what about the things we don’t know how to say?  What about the things we don’t want to say?  Or what about the things we have not considered feeling? or saying?   This is an art campaign devoted to our hearts.

As work in this exhibition may appear without context, I want to make it clear that all the work created is not from a linear thought or part of a journey….its about arriving and departing.  Its about moments that spoke to you that you never acknowledged. Moments that changed you that need to be told.  As we’re constantly arriving and departing throughout this experience called life, most of the art is mutually relevant, but it stands independent within its own context and power.  The work in this show draws inspiration from the deep inner world of my responses deep from my atoms, and it is informed by the infinite outer world of everything.

Within a vernacular of deconstruction/ construction, effort and spectacle, I don’t wish to hide the process of the materials I have used to make my art. Art is struggle, thought is struggle.  The fixation to attach becomes my fixation for existence.  The desperado of curbside materials becomes the voice for my unspoken aggression.  It takes on a literal struggle for my asthmatic tension within the breathless moments, where I held back when I was supposed to speak. Because the world is stamped with order, like a seal in formless wax, this exhibition calls to repetition and recognition for the regiment of our processed learning and absorbing methods.   I hope the art speaks for itself, from the borrowed materials I have found, the borrowed words I have used and the borrowed thoughts that I support.  TODAY IS MY WORLD!!!

I do wish for you to consider for a moment the beauty in particle board…how all the left over shavings can not only create an army of force, but also its desperate effort to be a unit creating one large board.   The pieces of wood on this board are an act of compression.  All put together with glue,  they make up our language, a compressed state of mind.   They become words,  They are the words that aren’t words at all…but instead the spaces that people use words to fill in.  They are the filler, the screws, the nails; the glue to a structure.

Most of the work in the show is inspired by my utter fascination with the mind of George Bataille and his words.