Exercises in Modern Primitivism

By Doom Squad, performed at Art Matters Festival, Montreal. March 14 2012. Eastern Bloc Gallery

This project is an audio and visual performance that brings improvisational sonic sculpting into a gallery setting where the processes of ritual, ceremony and gathering are explored and experienced.  Concerning ourselves with the question: How does a live audience cohesively evolve alongside the performers, the dialogue that arises between intimate musical expressions and public performance is what will ultimately be articulated and amplified.

Inside an open walled pyramid, we will be using our bodies and voices to creates sounds amplified through a series of microphones and analogue pedals to create an ambient soundscape. Motivated by an attempt to expose the inherent ritualistic qualities of live musical performances, we draw our inspiration and approaches from indigenous vocal techniques and shamanic drumming.  The whole experience thus becomes an exercise in reducing our current modern conceptions of music down to a fundamental, singular form. We understand music as an  organic audible expression of the individual self and its unity with the natural world.  Like the saying “music is born from the heart”, we take that expression literally, by attempting to reveal that the source of all music is in fact the heart.