Long Winter Take Over Oct 11, 2014 Bloor Cinema. Installation performed and conceptualized by DOOMSQUAD in the fly tower back of Bloor Cinema.

This installation is about confronting history, and the responsibility of the spectator. What is the role they play as observers of History?  How does history exist or manifest? How is it remembered?  We are inspired by the eclectic history of Bloor Cinema and the art of film, making and how it captures and create moments in time.  Memory is about how you identify with it, so to re-remember something is a completely subjective experience.

By taking musical scores from films that were played in the cinema over the course of its history and evolving identity, our goal is capturing a fleeting history and compressing it into a contemplative present. A vacuous time chamber that when the audience is confronted with the entrance of the sky tower they will experience an audio visual time-travel of a subjective history that belongs to Bloor Cinema.