Today, from yesterday and tomorrow : A group show celebrating artists who confront the boundaries of contemporary Canadian craft techniques.  Gallery 918, Toronto, Ont. March 21-April 4, 2013.

Curated by Jaclyn Blumas


Today, from yesterday and tomorrow is a group show consisting of 15 artists from across North America. At different stages in their artistic careers, each artist demonstrates a bond between traditional craft media and process within contemporary aesthetics In a digital age of mass production, many artists look back to the analogue and arcane, hoping to rekindle the individual and genuine sentiment that can be found in the handmade.

The tension between the spheres of fine art and craft relates to the medium, and how it communicates. All the works in the show are moments of transformation staged throughout the exhibition to communicate and influence the process of exchange: exchanging information, space and perspectives.

Amy George, Fei Disbrow, Jillian Maclachlan , Connie Morey , Andrea Kott , Jolie Bird, Marianne Burlew, Philip Hare , Laura Taler , Paul Komada , Jennifer Norquist , Naomi Yasui, Heather Goodchild , Iris Fraser Gudrunas , Jennifer Warne, Andrea vander Kooij-,Tonya Corkey , Jaclyn Blumas  – Curator